Our Story

"You know what would be fun? Owning an ice cream shop at the beach."

For years, Wes entertained the idea of making and serving delicious ice cream in a beach town mostly while daydreaming behind the desk of his corporate nine-to-five. Then, something amazing happened. It may have been during his fifth conference call of the day, or after responding to the ninetieth email of the afternoon, but somehow he found out that an ice cream shop in operation since 1999 was currently listed for sale online.

Now, they don't teach you how to buy an ice cream shop in school, but after five and a half months of Google searches, secretive phone calls from work, back-and-forth negotiations, excited conversations at home and piles of paperwork, it happened: Wes and Kristen Bechtel owned an ice cream shop. At the beach. They bought a fancy celebratory bottle of beer for that night but never got to drink it. They quickly realized they were open for business the next day. And it was June. And they had never owned an ice cream shop before. What were they thinking?!?

After hiring the greatest staff of employees in existence and a ton, (and I mean a TON) of rapid learning experiences things are running great! The shop has been fully renovated, the Spotify playlist is AMAZING (just ask Wes, he'll go on, and on, and on about it) and summer is just around the corner. Come eat some delicious, homemade ice cream with us; we're looking forward to your visit!

The proud owners in 2015!

The proud owners in 2015!